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Everything You Need to Know About Portable Solar Generators

There are a lot of uses of portable solar generators that you need to know. From the name itself, they are used when there is no presence of electrical power. The most common examples include going on a camping trip and having a power outage. When these generators are used, they would be getting energy from the rays of the sun and then convert them properly to electrical current. They are then stored for future use using 12-volt batteries. You can then use this power to run small appliances with the likes of a fan, laptop, and refrigerator. There are portable solar generators that are also used to recharge batteries used in cell phones, flashlights, and all other battery-operated equipment. Simply put, if you find yourself in a situation where you are away from an electrical source or outlet or during emergency situations, then the use of these generators come in handy.

If you mention the word generator, you have the solar ones and the gas ones. But then, you only get the benefits of convenience, safety, and accessibility from the use of solar generators. With gas generators, you do not get to enjoy all of these things and they are also very noisy. Moreover, as the name implies, you need to use gas to keep the generator going. You put yourself in a dangerous situation from fumes and fire. By using solar generators, a fuel source is not at all required because you just get the energy freely from the rays of the sun. This goes to say that you can just put your solar generators near a window or outside for its battery to safely charge. When you must use it, you will be provided a source of energy that is quiet and clean and a very reliable one at that. The use of both gas and solar generators comes in handy when your supply of regular power goes out or if you are away from regular power sources. And yet, when you need to get some gas supply using gas generators, you have to go to the gas stations that would rely on electricity to have their pumps running. If there is no electricity, then there is basically no gas. With solar generators, you can produce your own electricity without requiring the need of other electrical sources.

Making use of portable solar generators comes in handy when you go on a camping trip with your family using an RV or a boat. With these units being lightweight, you will not have a hard time transporting it from your home to the place that you are going to be at.

Speaking of size, you can choose from a wide array when it comes to portable solar generators. You often choose a size for your solar generator depending on what kind of activity you will be having for it. When you are on the road and you just need to power up your phone or laptop, the use of solar generators with 15-30 watts of power is enough. For emergency power outages to provide power to most of your appliances, you begin with at least 1500 watts of power for your solar generators.

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